Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leather, Leather, gimme Leather

After avoiding introducing leather to the shop's collection, I decided to give leather a chance and a comfy spot among the other creations. Reason for the delay is that I've seen a whole lot of leather around SL, but since I am always going for realistic looking wear, my fear was that whatever I made would not live up to that.

Well, here's my first two attempts. The first one will add to my frugal yet growing Gothic collection:

*Gothic Dreams outfit*

Carefully textured hot leather pants and cashmere shirt with stitching effect for photo realism

Shirt comes in 2 layers for tucked / un-tucked effect

What I love about this one is that is completely unisex, I mean, I totally picture my girlfriends wearing something like this

The next one is not Gothic, I'd say it has more of a classy urban feel to it. I totally see me wearing something like this in RL when clubbing.

*Patriotic Leather outfit*

FULL complete multi-layered outfit carefully textured for photo-realism effect. Includes 3 sets of half open shirts in 2 layers with sculpted rolled up sleeves and matching collars. (with low lag resizing scripts including a delete option)

Also includes 4 sets of Hot leather pants with different flag textures

Shirts comes in 2 layers for tucked / un-tucked effect

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