Monday, June 20, 2011

Who said lace only looked good on women?

Today 3 full outfits have been released at SpikeC Designs The Korean Style outfit 

Carefully textured Open shirt with stitching effect and Sculpted rolled up sleeves for photo-realistic effect. Comes in 2 layers (Jacket & shirt layer). Black torn Denim jeans with sculpted pant cuffs. All prims come with a resizer script (Low lag and with a delete option (Only 160 L$)

The Medical treatment underwear outfit
 Tanktop in two layers, Jacket & shirt. Square cut boxers in 2 layers, pants & underpants with resizable sculpted bulge (Only 120 L$)

And finally the White Lace outfit, because good looking lace is not exclusive to women...

Boxer shorts in two layers, pants & underpants with sculpted resizable bulge. White lace tanktop in two layers, jacket & shirt (120 L$ also)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's day Freebie

SpikeC Designs is releasing tomorrow through its Shop group SpikeC Designs group joiner a Freebie among other things that will be announced tomorrow. This will be to celebrate father's day and joining the group is free. Freebies are sent often and some of them are a bit more elaborate than this tee. This Father's day T-shirt will only be accessible inworld via SpikeC designs shop group.

 single Jacket layer with stitching effect, textured tie and round neck
It comes in 3 versions, Proud Father, Proud daughter & Proud son Shirts

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The "Genesis" of our Fashion community

After seeing what's out there in the big and wide SL and given the talent we, as a community are exposed to lately from all sources and paths of life, we decided to start our own fashion community and hopefully have a hunt sometime in the summer (August possibly & most likely)

 It won't be all about hunts tho. There are incredibly talented people starting businesses who do not know where to begin or how to showcase their products or venues, so hopefully this will provide an opportunity to do just that.
If you are interested in joining as a designer, please contact Spike Clemenceau or Zane Refenoir inworld and we will happily point you in the right direction. Do not worry, group invites will be sent to ALL of our friends as soon as we have the group up and running.

Welcome to The Genesis Fashion Community