Sunday, July 31, 2011


Just released and posted today, "The Smokey outfit" named after a friend who I used as inspiration for this outfit, copying and personalising things I've seen him wear. Yesterday was his birthday and I wanted to surprise him with something he'd like, but it ended up looking so good I decided to pack it and make it a release. So here it is "The Smokey Outfit"

Carefully multi-layered outfit for photo-realistic effect. Includes a crochet beanie, rolled up sleeves & collar. All sculpted prims are no mod, but they include a resizable script with a delete option once you are done resizing. The sweater comes in 2 layers for tucked / untucked effect and includes a pair of Hot leather pants

I just love the bohemian-European feel of it... This can be found in Marketplace or In-World

Happy wearing!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leather frenzy this week

Ok, I am loving the leather... I am loving it so much I have released an underwear pack exclusively on leather...

This one comes in 2 layers and 3 versions, Jockstrap, Boxers and Briefs, with a sculpted bulge including a resizable menu with delete option...

And exclusive for my loyal VIPS, the jockstrap was sent earlier today as an EXCLUSIVE group freebie.

Leather, leather, gimme leather...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Leather, Leather, gimme Leather

After avoiding introducing leather to the shop's collection, I decided to give leather a chance and a comfy spot among the other creations. Reason for the delay is that I've seen a whole lot of leather around SL, but since I am always going for realistic looking wear, my fear was that whatever I made would not live up to that.

Well, here's my first two attempts. The first one will add to my frugal yet growing Gothic collection:

*Gothic Dreams outfit*

Carefully textured hot leather pants and cashmere shirt with stitching effect for photo realism

Shirt comes in 2 layers for tucked / un-tucked effect

What I love about this one is that is completely unisex, I mean, I totally picture my girlfriends wearing something like this

The next one is not Gothic, I'd say it has more of a classy urban feel to it. I totally see me wearing something like this in RL when clubbing.

*Patriotic Leather outfit*

FULL complete multi-layered outfit carefully textured for photo-realism effect. Includes 3 sets of half open shirts in 2 layers with sculpted rolled up sleeves and matching collars. (with low lag resizing scripts including a delete option)

Also includes 4 sets of Hot leather pants with different flag textures

Shirts comes in 2 layers for tucked / un-tucked effect

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Gothic Flavor

It dawned on me recently that being a SL hybrid, I don't have enough Gothic wear in my shop, yes there's a tattoo or two and a few undies, but it's all mostly gay oriented. So with that idea in mind I came up with the "Black Nightmare outfit" which I hope will be the first of many in an upcoming Gothic line. Available in my Marketplace shop and also My Inworld shop

Carefully textured & multilayered outfit for photorealistic effect. Includes Vest in Jacket layer and white shirt, each with their respective collar so they can be worn separately. Comes with sculpted resizable prims with a delete script menu option

Since a good outfit is not in the sculpts, is in the attention to details in the texturing.

Happy wearing!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

All about Fashionable Stealth

Taking the chance of our themed contest at the club and having seen a few nice looking camo ideas... I decided today to be a very productive hybrid and come up with a sexy yet summer looking camo outfit. Available of course in my Marketplace shop and also the Inworld shop

This is a carefully textured War outfit for photo realistic effect, includes war wounds and paint in 2 tattoo layer versions. Shirt comes in 2 layers and all prims are sculpted and come with a resizing script including a delete option

There are also a couple others already posted in the shop if capri is not your thing, but that you will have to go and have a look for yourself

Happy wearing!

Friday, July 15, 2011


After a long inspirational hiatus (well it felt long on this end) I have released in my in-world shop SpikeC designs a few thingies the past two days I am very excited about.

First a fat pack of hoodies in four colors and with sculpted resizable prims

Summer is here so I figured, Capri pants, includes a sculpted belt, side pockets and rolled up cuffs
all with resizable scripts.

 And if you're not the greedy type, also sold separately

They are also available in my Marketplace shop if you don't feel like going ALL the way to the shop

Happy wearing!