Friday, September 16, 2011

Yes, I'm back

It seems like it's been a big long while (nearly over a month) but many projects in SL and RL have kept my attention away from blogging. So I will introduce the designs in order. The first one I made it for my son, on the first anniversary of his adoption and it is of course, rancher wear centred, very much so. After playing around with ideas I came up with this one and I am very happy with the results

The Silent Ranger Outfit

Carefully textured outfit for photo-realistic effect, includes 2 outfits which can be combined. Pants, t-shirt & shirt come in 2 layers and the leather chaps come in 2 versions. All sculpted prims include a resizable script with delete option.

The TOO Thorn Jeans

I made this pair for my own personal use and had to end up posting it, since so many people complimented me on them and were curious on where I had bought them. So here they are

Carefully textured pants for photo-realistic effect, comes in pants layer, for additional free of charge layers contact the me in-world

Cosmo Plaid outfit

This one I just love, it's casual yet classy and perfect for every ocassion, the sculpted scarf matches the pants' texture and it gives it that European fashion look I just love.

Carefully textured outfit for photo-realistic effect. Includes buttoned up white cotton shirt in two layers for tucked/un-tucked effect, black plaid pants and matching scarf with resize script including delete option

Renegade Bandanas 4 color pack

The Original black and white bandanna was made for the Silent Ranger outfit, but I had been considering a few weeks after releasing it that people would appreciatte a small and cheap collection of bandanas with different textures to match every outfit.

Carefully textured bandanas in 4 color pack with a resize script which includes a delete option on the menu

The Pink Prince Outfit:

A very good friend was my inspiration for this and that is why it was named after him, he also happens to LOVE all things pink.

Carefully textured outfit for photo-realistic effect, includes risk top in shirt layer, Pink thong in 2 layers with sculpted resizable bulge, pink denim shorts in 2 layers and sculpted open belt. All sculpted prims include a 
resizable script with delete option.

As you can see, I've been busy making, so here they are! Enjoy and Happy wearing!