Sunday, July 31, 2011


Just released and posted today, "The Smokey outfit" named after a friend who I used as inspiration for this outfit, copying and personalising things I've seen him wear. Yesterday was his birthday and I wanted to surprise him with something he'd like, but it ended up looking so good I decided to pack it and make it a release. So here it is "The Smokey Outfit"

Carefully multi-layered outfit for photo-realistic effect. Includes a crochet beanie, rolled up sleeves & collar. All sculpted prims are no mod, but they include a resizable script with a delete option once you are done resizing. The sweater comes in 2 layers for tucked / untucked effect and includes a pair of Hot leather pants

I just love the bohemian-European feel of it... This can be found in Marketplace or In-World

Happy wearing!

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