Sunday, October 16, 2011


As a designer, I firmly believe that all suggestions, specially those coming from customers have to be heard and made a reality, if possible. A while a go I released the hero undies collection, but people kept asking for matching t-shirts but since I don't like to do mass production of items, it took me a while to make one, worth of being posted.

All undies have now a matching full underwear outfit, a T-Shirt stand alone version and a couple of fat packs for the greedy ones, as always at unbeatable prices and made both with care and real photo sourced textures for realistic effect.

Instead of getting into a big long post with separate pics of each item -quite a few by the way-, I'll let you click the link and have a look yourself.

These new items are available both in the in-world shop and on the marketplace site, if you don't feel like TPing

Happy wearing!

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